Video Workflow with High-Speed Delivery & Accelerated Transcoding

What Brevity Customers Are Saying

“Brevity provides the features, reliability and scale necessary to coordinate our global video workflows. By replacing Telestream Vantage and Signiant with Brevity we improved the speed of our workflow 4x.”

Global Broadcaster

“Brevity is very fast and easy for our team to work with. The AllDigital engineers are amazing working quickly to implement new features and functionality as part of their Brevity product roadmap.”

Leading Studio / Network

“We invested millions in video asset workflow to do what Brevity does out of the box.”

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Accelerated Transcode

Transcode video files with Brevity.

High-Speed Delivery

Move large video files with Brevity.


Automate video workflows with Brevity .

Brevity is a breakthrough software product that revolutionizes how today’s bandwidth-intensive video content is produced, stored and shared. Unlike standalone transcoding, workflow and delivery acceleration solutions on the market today, Brevity is a fully integrated solution with standard features including high speed file transport, accelerated transcoding, and advanced workflow management.


The software is ready to deploy into the cloud, hybrid-Cloud and on premise for modern video workflows.

We support our customers and the Brevity software with a team of experienced engineers based in Southern California. We feature enterprise support options tailored to customers with around the clock mission critical workflows. The services we operate facilitate billions of dollars in content revenue for our customers and their partners.

Support Options:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Dedicated Slack Channels
  • Active or Passive Monitoring Options

By owning and operating all elements of our solution, including high speed delivery and accelerated transcoding, we supply service level agreements that satisfy the toughest operations teams on the planet.

The Brevity client and system users are free. There is no surcharge on the bandwidth you use. There are no per minute encoding fees. There are no additional fees for use of the API or other features.  You only pay for The Brevity Server Software which is billed on a monthly subscription and optional customized enterprise support packages.

There are two types of licenses:

  1. Cloud instances to deploy on customers’ Amazon and/or Azure instance(s).
  2. Server licenses for customers’ dedicated hardware on premise.

Sample pricing scenarios:

  • A dozen video editors upload files from their Mac Laptops to an Amazon Web Services G2 Instance with Brevity to create proxy files.  Clients pays for one Brevity cloud license and AWS server utilization.
  • A cable network wants to encode several hundred files a day on a cluster of 4 servers that have eight CPUs each.  All the input and output is controlled via the Brevity API.  Customer would purchase 4 Brevity Licenses to install on the existing server hardware.
  • Customer runs post facilities in New York, London and Los Angeles with clients around the globe. They want two servers in each post production facility and service the global clients by pushing files to 5 separate Azure regions. This would be 6 server licenses to cover the on-prem facilities and 5 cloud licenses one for each Azure virtual instance.

We offer a free consulting session with our workflow experts to generate customized quotations to meet your project’s needs. We maintain Master Service Agreements with many of the leading media companies making procurement and deployment simple.

AllDigital serves as a point-to-point systems and complex workflow integrator for companies such as Miramax, Rogers Communications, Cox Media Group, The Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, the worldwide media distribution operation of the Department of Defense, Fox Entertainment Group, Smithsonian and many others. We have integrated various back-end client business systems to facilitate digital media workflows for multi-device applications and digital services.

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Top Features of Brevity

Network Acceleration & High Speed Delivery:

The growth of video sizes creates the need for solutions like Brevity to manage the transmission of large amounts of data. The adoption of technologies like high dynamic range, 4K and VR are stressing the operations of video creators. Systems that use browser uploads (TCP/IP) and FTP were not designed to move multi GB file sets across the Internet quickly.

These TCP based protocols handshake between the receiver and sender frequently. These handshakes on networks with mid to high level of congestion or latency slow the transmission process to a crawl. Brevity uses a highly optimized user datagram protocol (UDP) for network transmission. Advanced algorithms optimize the transmission for large video files, by detecting network conditions like congestion and packet loss in real-time.

Brevity’s custom congestion control algorithms maximize the utilization of available network resources to increase transmission velocity. This functionality can reduce the overall amount of data being transmitted over the internet by 40% or more.

View: Brevity vs. Aspera and FTP Benchmarks

Accelerated Transcoding:

Each stop on the video workflow train, from capture to playback, may require different frame sizes, frame rates, qualities, bit rates, color depths and metadata. Transcoding is the process of converting the source file to these various renditions so that the video file can be made compatible with a specific application or program. Brevity offers a high quality encoding engine that supports over 300 broadcast or Internet video formats.  They key areas Brevity focuses on are image fidelity, process speed, file compatibility and reliability.

View: Supported File Types

ONE Workflow – High Speed Delivery & Transcoding

Multi-point transport and transcoding accelerates the sending of video files to multiple locations while simultaneously transcoding to multiple formats and wrappers. This includes thumbnailing, inverse telecine, frame rate conversion, scaling, and audio channel mapping. This patented process eliminates multiple steps within many different workflows. Brevity saves time by having this all done in one simple and seamless process.

View: Watch the Video Demo

Smart API:

Brevity features developer tools & API to integrate the software into your existing business systems. The Brevity API supports both standard JSON, and HAL-formatted JSON. Use the API to integrate Brevity into almost any video pipeline. The entire Brevity product is exposed from the API, making it an ideal platform to quickly build complex media services that connect multiple locations.

Try It: API Documentation

GPU Acceleration

Today, the processing power needed to encode video files is outpacing More’s Law. This means if your video pipeline is based solely on CPU technologies your cycle times for deliveries are getting longer. To just get these back to historic performance levels some encoding companies are forcing customers to make significant investments in new hardware and software. For Brevity, we are not tied solely to CPU performance for our deliveries. Our media encoding functions can also be accelerated by specialized chips called Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). GPU based media processing can accelerate encoding by 6 times or higher when compared to traditional CPU based processing. This innovation provides a new cost performance model that makes tomorrow’s media operations financially viable.

Consumers’ expectations for content are becoming more refined. This move to premium encoding to power new higher resolution devices requires: advanced CODECS, sophisticated encoding profiles, higher bit depths, 4K+ video resolutions and support for multi-camera shoots for virtual reality (VR). Brevity continues to invest in supporting innovative technologies that can solve for the factors of capacity that are required to compete as a modern day video enterprise.

Brevity supports several NVIDIA  GPUs including the newest series based on the Pascal architecture. Businesses that invest in Pascal GPUs will be able to process GPU accelerated VP9, HEVC 4K/8K assets with 8 bit Lossy or 10-Bit lossless encoding. Transcode performance of H.264 assets are are nearly twice as fast as previous generations of GPUs.

View: NVIDIA vs CPU Encoding Results

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

The Brevity platform is composed of a number of web services and Brevity locations. Brevity can be run on public, hybrid, or private clouds, including on-premise, based on client’s requirements and use cases. Brevity web services run within the Dockers framework and are orchestrated by Kubernetes globally. Brevity’s micro services architecture serves as a “traffic controller” for the interaction between the locations and Brevity Applications. The back-end services handle the optional persistent asset storage through Amazon S3 or a locally attached SAN/NAS devices.

End users utilize Mac or PC Brevity application or API to interact with the Brevity service to collaborate on projects, define delivery settings (destinations and presets), and ingest assets for accelerated transport and transcoding.

View:  Sample Use Cases

Continuous Deployment

The micro-services architecture we adopted has allowed us to compartmentalize the different features the Brevity platform offers. This has been key in providing AllDigital with the ability to implement new features/patches quickly and with ease, allowing us to keep technical debt to a minimum.

Upon every merge of a feature branch back into a release branch we automatically build the affected components. This guarantees a repeatable and reliable releases, as part of this flow we also build new Docker images to contain the affected services. The same Docker image that we build in development is then migrated through our various internal environments until it eventually reaches production. All the running Docker containers themselves are orchestrated by Kubernetes. The complexity involved in continuous delivery pipeline is managed by goCD.

This mix or modern micros services and development process ensures by using Brevity your company’s migration to the cloud is not blocked or delayed waiting for software from legacy approaches to video workflow.

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