Introducing AllDigital Brevity

A breakthrough solution for delivering top-quality video to the right people, at the right time and in the right format.

Drastically reduce the time it takes to reliably publish large video files to your favorite clouds.


Rapid Video Acceleration

Faster and more efficient video upload & delivery than any other solution – let us prove it!


Breakthrough Video Optimization

Optimizes bandwidth savings for an unmatched return on investment – let us show you the numbers!


Patented Technology

The only solution with simultaneous transport and transcoding in a single, seamless step – let us save you time!


Uncomplicated & Easy-to-Use

Reliably delivers video to Mac, PC and Linux Clients fast – let us improve the efficiency of your targeted workflows!

Who We Work With

“The acceleration that Brevity gives us knocks everyone else out of the park. With the acceleration, we are taking things that would normally take hours and doing it minutes. For us to do that is tremendous.”

Phil Paully NBC Olympics Director, Graphics Engineering and Operations

“It’s a big game-changer.”

John McCrae CBS Sports Executive Director of Field Operations

“We recognize that Brevity brings a very unique solution to the market and we are pleased to be showcasing them here at IBC. As a broadcast integration leader, we strongly believe that Brevity will be able to deliver new efficiencies and create increased opportunities in sports networks and broadcast production throughout Germany and Europe.”

Andreas Martin Media Logic Sales Manager

“Brevity’s breakthrough technology is a game changer. The ability to provide simultaneous transport and transcode enables us to offer our clients significant improvements in file based workflow, shortening turnaround time and driving production efficiencies while ensuring very high quality.”

Joe Avallone Creative Group President

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