AllDigital Brevity Now Provides Accelerated and Optimized Video Workflows to the Cloud and an Expanded Suite of Offerings Tailored to Broadcasters, Video Professionals and Video OEMs

IRVINE, Calif., January 26th, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AllDigital Holdings, Inc. (ADGL), announced the release of its latest version of AllDigital Brevity.

AllDigital believes that AllDigital Brevity is a break through software product that changes the way today’s bandwidth-intensive video content is produced, stored and shared. Unlike other encoding, transcoding and delivery acceleration solutions, AllDigital Brevity, with its patented technology, reduces the transport payload while simultaneously transcoding files being sent from one to many locations in one to many formats from the convenience of a highly intuitive control panel.

AllDigital Brevity moves files to their destination at what AllDigitial believes to be industry leading speeds. The files arrive encoded and with lossless or visually lossless quality.

Producers and distributors of digital video content are increasingly adopting public cloud computing services to avoid costly infrastructure build-out and to bring added efficiencies to SaaS-based business models among others. As video applications are migrated off sophisticated and expensive networks onto hybrid broadcast environments in the cloud, they are exposed to an often-unpredictable public Internet. AllDigital Brevity, with its video workflows to the cloud, levels the playing field by providing the performance, availability, scalability and security expected of an enterprise-level solution along with the anticipated cost savings.

This latest version of AllDigital Brevity includes an expanded suite of offerings developed specifically for broadcasters, video professionals and video OEMs. Used by professional sports leagues, studios, and for major media events, AllDigital Brevity is now tailored to the unique needs of media industry professionals who regularly face the challenge of moving ultra high (4K+) resolution video files that can exceed 50+ Gigabytes in size. “A common industry practice is to sidestep the internet as a file transfer medium to avoid long wait times, timeouts, and degradation issues associated with moving very large video files — the files are physically moved on hard drives throughout a digital workflow,” says Tim Napoleon, AllDigital’s Chief Strategist. “With AllDigital Brevity, the internet becomes a viable alternative for moving ultra high resolution video files at high speeds with lossless or visually lossless quality. We believe this is a real game changer, not only for professionals but also for consumers.”

AllDigital Brevity for Broadcasters

  • Reduces deployment costs and enables syndication partners to easily and cost- effectively syndicate large video files using AllDigital Brevity’s Desktop app.
  • Accelerates and optimizes 4K video to drastically reduce propagation times of large media files.
  • Increases throughput of video delivery while reducing datacenter power and space requirements with new engine form factors.
  • Offers cloud first deployment options for distributed news and sports organizations.

AllDigital Brevity for Video Professionals

  • Reduces the amount of video data being delivered over the network by up to 50% with lossless or visually lossless quality by leveraging NVIDIA’s latest GPUs to accelerate the Brevity Image Warp CODEC.
  • Introduces new cost performance options to the video market with smaller form factor Brevity Engines that are both portable and energy efficient.
  • Integrates cloud storage and delivery for easy distribution of files to other clouds such as Amazon Web Services and YouTube.
  • Publishes one file to dozens of locations quickly, easily, and cost effectively.
  • Replaces the need to deliver video projects on DVD or hard-drive and enables the sending of files optimized for consumer and corporate video users on mobile, desktop and connected television platforms.

AllDigital Brevity for Video OEMs

AllDigital Brevity for Video OEMs enables camera manufacturers and video software suppliers to license and bundle features of AllDigital Brevity into their products.

About AllDigital

AllDigital engineers software and hardware solutions to accelerate and optimize the distribution of digital video. AllDigital is the developer of AllDigital Brevity, a software and hardware-based solution designed to move digital video files at high speeds, with patented technology to optimize the digital workflow by encoding digital video files during high-speed transmission. For more information about AllDigital (OTCBB: ADGL) visit

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