AllDigital, a leader in digital video solutions, is pleased to announce that Brevity, the Company’s flagship product capable of transporting and encoding video assets to and from almost any cloud at high speeds, may now be used by Blackmagic Design users to speed their video workflows.

AllDigital Brevity combined with Blackmagic Design’s Video Assist is an ideal way for DSLR filmmakers to create fast and cost effective digital asset solutions. Video Assist is a hybrid device: in addition to functioning as a monitor, it lets shooters capture high-quality edit-ready files. It’s a 5-inch full HD touchscreen monitor with a built-in ProRes and DNxHD recorder.

Historically, transferring video from the Video Assist would require an expensive and often time consuming multistep workflow. Now, with Brevity, the SD Cards with content formatted for DNxHD or ProRes content can be managed by the Brevity software from capture to distribution. As the card containing files recorded by the Video Assist are inserted to your favorite card reader the Brevity software transfers the files with patented lossless compression and network acceleration to the destinations specified in the software’s workflow. Supported destinations in the Brevity workflow include popular cloud services like Vimeo, local editing bins for use with popular post production tools and leading online video platforms.

“For folks wanting to leverage DSLR based workflows on tight turn-around times they can post flawless looking content in record times,” said Tim Napoleon Chief Strategist at AllDigital, “The results of using high quality capture, color grading and the professional post features found in Blackmagic Design products combined with AllDigital’s Brevity produces results that look amazing.”

In a recent example the editorial team from a creative agency wanted to provide daily updates from a car show.  Using DSLR cameras and Video Assists they were able to send ProResHQ content from LA based trade show to their edit bay in Chicago using Brevity. Once the team completed the post production and finishing of the videos they used Brevity to syndicated the content to their client’s web sites, broadcast outlets and online destinations.

“As video technology evolves production changes from a disconnected offline set of tasks to a globally connected cloud that can enable creative collaboration anywhere. Consumers are watching content virtually anywhere at any-time, it is a natural progression for the creative workflows to head towards a cloud first model,” said Napoleon.

AllDigital Brevity can be purchased directly from your favorite cloud service like Amazon or Azure or on the AllDigital website. Special discounts are available for students, film schools, non-profits and houses of worship.

Blackmagic Design Resellers attending the BMD Days August 3rd in Burbank can schedule meetings with representatives from AllDigital. Send request to