IRVINE, Calif., August 1, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AllDigital (ADGL) announces the release of its latest version of AllDigital Brevity, a breakthrough software product that revolutionizes how today’s bandwidth-intensive video content is produced, stored and shared. Unlike standalone transcoding, workflow and delivery acceleration solutions on the market today, Brevity is a fully integrated solution with standard features including accelerated file transport, transcoding, and advanced workflow management.  Readily deployable in Cloud, hybrid-Cloud and on premise video workflows, Brevity, with its patented technology, reduces the file transport payload while simultaneously transcoding files sent from one to many locations in one to many formats from the convenience of a highly intuitive control panel.

“Over the past 18 months we have been working closely with our customers and trusted partners, including leading broadcasters and digital video experts, to develop a product that meets many of today’s greatest workflow challenges while offering the flexibility and scalability needed across diverse use cases, says Michael Linos, AllDigital’s Chief Executive Officer.  “This latest release of Brevity is our most exciting yet, now including an expanded feature set developed specifically to handle today’s most challenging file based workflows.”

Expanded use of Latest NVIDIA GPU Chipsets

  • 264 and H.265 leverage NVIDIA technologies for GPU decoding and encoding of large video files. Benchmark results for GPU encoding suggest speed gains for complex encoding profiles of  6 times or greater than more common CPU encoding alternatives.
  • Accelerates and optimizes 4K video to drastically reduce propagation times of large media files.

Enhanced Workflow Tools

  • Invite customers to secure downloads by email. Customer mail certificates improve delivery rates and provide delivery confirmation. Avoid critical file notifications landing in client spam folders.
  • No per user or per client licensing fees. Experience cost savings when delivering file libraries to large user bases.
  • Publishes one file to dozens of locations quickly, easily, and cost effectively.
  • Replaces the need to deliver video projects on DVD or hard-drive and enables the sending of files optimized for consumer and corporate video users on mobile, desktop and connected television platforms.

AllDigital Brevity Delivers Massive Scale

  • Kubernetes orchestrated containers enables service clustering for high powered cloud queues.
  • Designed for large service providers with millions of video uploads, the system provides real-time status and queue optimization so important assets finish workflows faster.
  • No per minute encoding fees and service queues. Two to hundreds of servers may be clustered to complete file inflows faster than real-time.
  • Developer callbacks and notifications to keep publishing systems current with file status from upload to delivery.

AllDigital Brevity Gets Even Faster

  • Lossless compression options use patented segmenting technologies to reduce data transmission with no performance tax from waiting on multistep compression processes. This results in the ability to send less data faster without affecting video asset quality.
  • Enhanced UI with support for naming macros and destination rules. Send entire libraries of video with watch folders, drag and drop interface or via API.
  • Optimized protocol controls designed for video objects improves network utilization and delivery performance.

These enhanced features to Brevity will be available to customers in coming months.  For a free trial account and expert advice on moving videos fast visit

About AllDigital

AllDigital engineers software to accelerate and optimize the distribution of digital video. AllDigital is the developer of Brevity, a software solution designed to move digital video files at high speeds, with patented technology to optimize the digital workflow by encoding digital video files during high-speed transmission. For more information about AllDigital visit

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