Company Description:

AllDigital is a SaaS company and the developer of Brevity.  Brevity is a breakthrough software product that revolutionizes how today’s bandwidth-intensive video content is produced, stored and shared. Unlike standalone transcoding, workflow and delivery acceleration solutions on the market today, Brevity is a fully integrated solution with standard features including accelerated file transport, transcoding, and advanced workflow management.  Readily deployable in Cloud, hybrid-Cloud and on-prem video workflows, Brevity, with its patented technology, reduces the file transport payload while simultaneously transcoding files sent from one to many locations in one to many formats from the convenience of a highly intuitive control panel.

Brevity stands out in the Managed File Transfer market as an enterprise grade solution for moving large video files.  Brevity is already integrated with leading cloud providers, content delivery networks and on site infrastructure providers making it simple to scale and manage modern online video operations.

Market opportunity

Brevity competes in both the Managed File Transfer and Transcoding markets.  The Managed File Transfer and Transcoding markets are projected to grow to $1.5B (CAGR 10%) and $500M+ (CAGR 10%), respectively, by 2020.

IP traffic is predicted to triple from 2014 to 2019 with IP video making up 80% of total traffic (increasing from 67% in 2014).  By 2019 it is predicted that more than 1 million minutes of video will cross the Internet every second.


Brevity incorporates many of the latest software architectural styles and technologies including microservices architecture, docker containers, and Kuberenetes orchestration technology.   Cloud agnostic and deployable in Linux, Mac and PC environments.

Business Model

Recurring software subscription model that scales with usage.


The competition is comprised of point providers that offer either network acceleration services (Aspera, Signiant) or workflow and encoding services (Elemental, Telestream).  Brevity combines all of these services into an integrated and intuitive platform.

Competitive Edge:

AllDigital Brevity’s patented workflow allows for significant reductions for the total combined processing time required for the upload, transcoding, and delivery of complex media workflows.

Brevity includes a proprietary transport algorithm to accelerate the transfer of files much faster than traditional TCP based solutions.

In addition, the use of GPU technology to increase the speed and performance of transcoding workflows, along with intelligent transcodes customized to a client’s streaming needs significantly reduces network transit costs associated with over the top (“OTT”) delivery.

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AllDigital Brevity

A breakthrough solution for delivering top-quality video to the right people, at the right time and in the right format. Drastically reduce the time it takes to reliably publish large video files to your favorite clouds.

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