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The AllDigital Cloud uses the latest cloud-based technologies combined with a refined code development methodology to create a service that, based on empirical data, is faster, more reliable and scales better than any other cloud-based video workflow system available in the market today.

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AllDigital Cloud is optimized to provide the fastest cloud-based media workflows of any service. Files or live streams are ingested, transformed and delivered via a network of highly coordinated cloud- based servers. Each element of the AllDigital Cloud – from upload, ingest, encode, store and deliver – leverages our micro services architecture to bring the right levels of transfer and processing power to millions of concurrent workflows. By removing holding queues, workflow jobs are processed quickly, efficiently and without delay.


AllDigital’s software leverages the billions of dollars companies like Akamai, Apple, Amazon, HP and Google have deployed to the cloud and coordinates those investments for a virtually limitless amount of capacity and performance.

The system runs as a true cloud service, leveraging Dockers Frameworks and CoreOS. This allows us to cost effectively scale new instances of services without consuming virtual machine performance with clunky software designed for legacy architectures. Systems can run a single instance or thousands of instances depending on current state of demand.


A quality service needs to be designed from the ground up, utilizing best practices from the fields of network management and computer science. Each set of instructions that runs our platform is passed through rigorous testing to benchmark and evaluate best practice software design principles, security vulnerabilities, performance characteristics and stability.

Once code is deployed, systems monitor the real-time performance of each micro service to allocate capacity and self-heal issues, such as hardware failure or network congestion. Client performance data further enhances our end-to-end view, allowing the system to prioritize media workflows for speed, quality and scale.

The advantage of the micro services architecture with self-healing and continuous monitoring is that variances in execution time at the function level are monitored and optimized. This constant state of predicable performance makes the overall system performance consistently fast and error free.

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