Brevity Encoding Performance Benchmarks

Benchmarks of Brevity Using Entry Level Hardware:

Equipment Used:  Dell Alienware Alpha  |  Intel Core i7 @ 2 gHz (8 Cores)   |   Nvidia GeForce 860M

Output: 720P H.264 8,500 Kbps

H.264 Source Analysis 

Format:  H.264  |  High Level 4.0

Duration: 25 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Screen Size:  1920x1080

GPU Decode / GPU Encode: Transcode Time 3 Minutes, 58 Seconds

CPU Decode / GPU Encode: Transcode Time 3 Minutes, 59 Seconds

CPU Decode / CPU Encode: Transcode Time  55 Minutes, 50 Seconds

ProRes 422 Source Analysis 

Format:  ProRes 422

Duration: 2 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Screen Size:  1280x720

CPU Decode / GPU Encode: Transcode Time 1 Minutes, 6 Seconds

CPU Decode / CPU Encode: Transcode Time  2 Minutes, 53 Seconds

XDCAM HD422 Source Analysis 

Format:  XDCAM HD422

Duration: 0 Minutes, 37 Seconds

Screen Size:  1280x720

CPU Decode / GPU Encode: Transcode Time 0 Minutes, 13 Seconds

CPU Decode / CPU Encode: Transcode Time  0 Minutes, 36 Seconds

Azure Cloud  Analysis 

System Type:        Azure N-Series NV6

CPU Configuration:  6 Cores, Intel Xeon E5-2690

GPU Configuration:  Nvidia Tesla M60

Source Format:      ProRes 422

File Size:          14 Gigabytes

Duration:           11 Minutes, 3 Seconds

Bitrate:            175 Megabits Per Second

Screen Size:        1080:1920

Aspect Ratio:       16x9

GPU Test

Encode:             GPU

Output Format:      H.264, Profile: High Level 4.0

Bitrate:            8,500 Kilobits Per Second

Screen Size:        1920x1080

Transcode Time:     3 Minutes, 16 Seconds

CPU Test

Output Format:      H.264, Profile: High Level 4.0

Bitrate:            8,500 Kilobits Per Second

Screen Size:        1920:1080

Transcode Time:     11 Minutes, 8 seconds


327% improvement in transcode time (GPU vs CPU) on Azure. 


By offloading video decoding and encoding tasks Brevity reduces transcoding times significantly.

Broadcast Format Support

Brevity supports both Internet CODECS for devices like iPhones and Broadcast formats for production workflows.

Sophisticated Templates

Brevity provoides a large selection of ready to use templates and the ability to create and save additional ones.

Speed / Quality

Brevity provides the automation tools to all you to optimize workflows to strike a balance between cost, quality and speed.

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