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Brevity High Speed Delivery

Brevity is a fully integrated solution with standard features including accelerated file transport, transcoding, and advanced workflow management.

Readily deployable in Cloud, hybrid-Cloud and on-prem video workflows, Brevity, with its patented technology, provides accelerated transcoding and high speed delivery from the convenience of a highly intuitive application.

While each video workflow us unique below are some of the common solutions Brevity provides our growing list of customers.

Moving Workflow to the Cloud

In these use cases customers want to use virtual machines based on platforms like Azure and AWS to run or augment their media workflows. Often customers will have a mix of local and cloud based deployments.

Brevity provides:

  • One API for for both on-prem and cloud based workflows simplifies operations.
  • Dedicated transcoding queues with no per minute fees saves time and money.
  • Broadcast and web video container support allows single vendor for high speed upload and accelerated transcoding.
  • Brevity Dockers install into your Amazon or Azure account for added security and cost savings.
  • Support for advanced cloud features such as object oriented storage and GPU process acceleration.
  • Deployment and support methodologies for complex multi region orchestration.
  • Tested and audited installers for proven and automated cloud deployment.

Example Customer:

US based media company delivers media files to telcos throughout Asia. Customer uploads and transcodes files from local facility to AWS region in US East from there the files transfer to AWS region in Singapore. Solution required  two on premise Brevity engines, Brevity Cloud instances in Amazon US East and Singapore.


  • Replaced two vendors from the previous workflow that charged per minute encoding and bandwidth fees for high speed delivery with Brevity.
  • By using Brevity delivery times were significantly faster.

Over the Top Services

In these use cases customers want to automate the receipt of high quality content files and the deployment of secure streaming assets to their content delivery network partners.

Brevity provides:

  • High quality encoding with support for adaptive bit rate encoding and HLS packaging.
  • Workflow callbacks to populate content management systems with CDN ready links.
  • Cost effective high-speed upload and ingest solution for content partners.
  • Powerful encoding templates to normalize partner file formats into standards based media file.
  • Delivery settings to popular video destinations to support syndication activities.
  • Secure API to augment investments in existing workflows and platforms.
  • AES encryption and MPAA compliant storage integrations ideal for compliance with premium content owners.

Example Customer:

Popular music service receives media files from major music labels.  Brevity transcodes the deliveries to adaptive bitrate files and packages them for HLS streaming. Packaged media is placed on their CDN Netstorge and Brevity API injects ready to play links into their publishing system.  Includes dynamic resizing to horizontal encoding templates for mobile video now their most popular format.


  • Reduced costs by replacing multiple vendors in legacy workflow.
  • High quality global delivery with optimized mobile delivery.
  • Faster publishing cycles with ingest partners and content management systems.

High Volume Media Operations

In these use cases customers often have invested millions in powerful digital asset management systems.   Video operation team with hundreds of end users, often globally distributed, require access to large video files to perform production, post production and media distribution tasks.

Brevity provides:

  •  Advanced API with plugs-ins for popular Digital Asset Management systems like Open Text.
  • Storage drivers and indexing methodologies that scale to PB+ file systems.
  • Ability to install on enterprise hypervisor and blade servers to effectively utilize data center space.
  • Accelerated transcoding queues to improve business unit service level agreements.
  • Enterprise support agreements and developer, staging and production environments.
  • Advanced hardware configurations for high speed networks and GPU process acceleration.
  • Departmental and role based controls for complex organizational structures.

Example Customer:

API integration with popular digital asset management platform to facilitate complex transcoding and proxy creation requirements for major broadcaster. Automated processes for asset exports and proxy previews for peta bytes of media archives. System included load balancing of multiple Brevity engines with development, staging and production environments. Leveraged both on premise HP blade servers and AWS cloud instances for optimal cost / performance system performance.


  • Significantly improved output performance of transcoding farm from previous vendor.
  • Automation of tasks from export to streaming playback with Brevity API.
  • Less error rates and higher platform ability.

Digital Agencies, Start Ups and Platforms

  • In these use cases customers want to provide services and platforms that appeal to content owners.  Ad networks, captioning solutions, online video platforms, digital agencies and service bureaus.
    • Faster go to market with easy to integrate and feature rich video pipeline.
    • Low upfront costs to prototype and deploy initial customers.
    • Client software that can be used with no per seat charge with freelancers and agencies.
    • Speed of Brevity increases performance of partner applications.
    • High polished developer samples and documentation allows for quick integration.
    • Works on customers AWS infrastructure for simple cost controls.
    • Support of latest video formats and fast turnaround of new features to support innovative customers.

Example Customer:

Popular ad network automated tasks for generating video ad tags.   Agencies use Brevity client to upload commercials finished on AVID editing systems to IAB standard VAST ad tags.


  • Automated and easy to use workflow to onboard agency campaigns and creative elements.
  • Improved fill rates for publishers with standards based and HTML 5 compatible video ad units.
  • High Speed upload from key agency partners for quicker release of new ad campaigns.

Video Transfer Experts

Data from Cisco shows that nearly 80% of internet traffic is now video related. Brevity is focused on moving large video assets quickly and securely over the Internet.

Secure Delivery

All aspects of the Brevity delivery system are highly secure.  AES encryption is used to secure deliveries without sacrificing performance.

Target Locations

Control all aspects of the system by organization, user or location.  The Brevity AI chooses the best path for end-to-end workflow automation and acceleration.

Brevity Focus

Brevity provides both accelerated transcoding and high-speed delivery in one platform.   This saves heavy video users significant amounts of time and money.

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