Edge Music Network and AllDigital Brevity Provides Advanced Audio and Video Management for Ultra-Fast, Secure Delivery Over Its Global Network to Leading Consumer Destinations. 

IRVINE, Calif., December 3rd, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AllDigital Holdings, Inc. (ADGL), a digital media solutions provider, announced a partnership with Edge Music Network Inc, a leading multi channel video distribution network. The partnership provides artists with a comprehensive publishing solution, which takes assets from creation to monetization in minutes.

Music legends Too Short, Co-founder & CEO of The Magic Gate along with Music Veteran Monica Payne & Music Executive Max Gousse Co-Founder and SVP, who’s credits include works with Beyonce, YG, Boa and Def Jam Records, are leveraging the platform to enhance the digital revenue for their artists and promoted brands. “The Magic Gate employs the top creative talent in the world, working in a state-of-the-art studio with the latest production tools. We provide the talent and production, and then utilize Edge Music Network and AllDigital to reach any fan, regardless of their connected device or global location. Once syndicated, The Magic Gate sends content to the top of the food chain via our artists millions of followers on social media. A recent production for “A day and a life of Too Short”, generated well over 5 million views with in 24 hours of release for example,” said Monica Payne.

Elizabeth Vargas, CEO of Edge Music Network says, “ I’ve always felt that the legal and technical complexities of digital distribution don’t work in the artist’s favor.  We wanted to create a simple, transparent and fast way to support the people who do the real work. The artist can work with the brands and destination sites they are excited about and we provide the systems to make this exchange simple and profitable.” “The landscape of music content and how it is distributed is changing at a rapid pace. We are constantly looking for new and more effective ways for artists to get their music heard and seen as efficiently as possible. I believe this technology is on the forefront of that change,” said Derek Gentry, CTO of Edge Music Network.

“Every year, the digital media world is excited about the opportunities presented by the technology at CES. In 2015, we want to provide a solution to turn this technology into a fun, profitable business for truly new media companies,” said Tim Napoleon Chief Strategist at AllDigital. “This is a massive global marketplace and we are thrilled to be working with some of the most forward-looking change agents in the industry.”

An invite only CES preview event will take place at Magic Gate Studios December 17th in Los Angeles. Top artists, Edge Music Networks and AllDigital will preview key trends for the upcoming CES 2015. Members of the press and analysts contact partners@alldigital.com for credentials.

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About AllDigital: AllDigital (OTCBB: ADGL), a leader in digital broadcasting solutions, is the developer of AllDigital Cloud, a content management system (CMS) focused on the virtualization of digital content. AllDigital Cloud empowers enterprises to stream content across multiple devices including mobile, desktop, and digital television, providing total control over the global distribution of digital media assets. AllDigital Cloud provides high-speed data transfer, scalable storage, encoding / transcoding, VoD, linear programming, and real-time reporting. AllDigital’s patented AllDigital Brevity technology enables companies to power broadcast and Internet video workflows for high resolution content. Mainly serving media and entertainment companies, enterprise brands, non-profit and government organizations, AllDigital sets itself apart by offering highly scalable and ultra-low latency (ULL) digital broadcasting solutions, including cloud storage, origin transit, content management solutions, integration services, and related customer support.



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