AllDigital Enterprise

Producers and distributors of digital video content are increasingly adopting public cloud computing services to avoid costly infrastructure build-out and to bring added efficiencies to SaaS-based business models among others. As video applications are migrated off sophisticated and expensive networks onto hybrid broadcast environments in the cloud, they are exposed to an often-unpredictable public Internet.

AllDigital Brevity, with its video workflows to the cloud, levels the playing field by providing the performance, availability, scalability and security expected of an enterprise-level solution along with the anticipated cost savings of a cloud deployment.

  • Reduces deployment costs and enables syndication partners to easily and cost- effectively syndicate large video files using AllDigital Brevity‚Äôs Desktop apps, appliances and/or rack mounted engines.
  • Accelerates and optimizes 4K video to drastically reduce propagation times of large media files.
  • Increases throughput of video delivery while reducing datacenter power and space requirements with new engine form factors.
  • Advanced workflow administration including role based access, automation via Restful API and templates.

Recommended for

  • Organizations with multiple concurrent workflows.
  • Hybrid behind the firewall and cloud first deployment requirements.
  • Large number of partners, locations to send or receive content from.


In this video the outer ring represents upload to the cloud and the inner ring represents transcode jobs. AllDigital Brevity starts the transcoding and syndication delivery to 7 locations in parallel. The FTP based workflow shown on the right uploads and encodes and delivers as separate steps resulting in a much slower propagation time.