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The World’s Most Popular Video Player Optimized for Level 3


Expert Deployment

The team at AllDigital will supply a HTML 5 and Flash responsive video player integrated with Level 3’s Global HTTP Streaming Network. This includes the deployment, support and testing of player(s) with integration into customers’ Level 3 accounts.


Latest Features

  • Universal Responsive player
  • Live & VOD Video
  • HTML 5 & Flash
  • Desktop & Mobile Web
  • IAB Advertising Integration
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Playback
  • Secure Tokens
  • AES Encryption
  • Closed Captions
  • Google Analytics
  • Live DVR

HTTP Streaming

Technically, this will migrate customers from the RTMP format to http encapsulated formats (HLS streaming). The solution covers the playback of streaming on a wide set of desktops and devices. Unlike solutions that require you to work with highly technical DYI approaches, this service will result in quick and professional migration to a modern Level 3 powered player. The optional Brevity package ensures that your videos are encoded and optimized for playback on Level 3.

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