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The team at AllDigital works with studios, cable operators, independent producers and consumer destinations to provide compelling experiences across the three screens of mobile, desktop and connected television. This cloud-based service ingests media signals from IP and delivers it globally in the correct format to almost any type of connected device.


Faster Live Video For Better User Experiences

Twitter, Facebook and other social media feeds update instantly. If your live video is delayed, it lags behind the fans’ conversation, making for a poor user experience. AllDigital’s Ultra Low Latency Live Streaming delivers broadcast quality video from any venue to the consumers’ phone in just a few seconds.

Beautiful Video Experiences On Any Device

Your team has big ideas and audiences with tight deadlines. Without a process to ensure continuous QA during the development cycle, the chances of an #epicfail are high. AllDigital’s process ensures you can take the hype meter to 11 and give everyone a flawless experience.

Scale And Reliability For An Uncertain World

Today’s media is in front of a larger, more global audience than ever. AllDigital’s proven architecture uses the latest in micro-services to coordinate thousands of cloud instances into a finely tuned live or on-demand broadcast. This allows anyone to draw big audiences without huge headaches.

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