Industry leaders in broadcast, digital media, film, entertainment, advertising and more will gather this April in Las Vegas for the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show.

Companies from around the globe will unveil cutting-edge technologies, which makes attending the show such an exciting opportunity. However, with more than 2,000 exhibitors in attendance in eight different categories, it’s next to impossible to see every presentation.

You’ll have four days to pick and choose which exhibits to visit, but to give you a head start here are 13 companies to look out for at the NAB 2016 Show.

Black Box (Booth SL10124)

Black Box technology helps its customers build, manage, optimize and secure their IT infrastructure. Its products assist control room operators in doing things such as sharing video and audio more easily, help companies identify security risks and show them how to protect critical data, and customize wireless infrastructures for businesses based on their individual needs.

Canon (Booths C3627 and C4325)

Canon is expected to put an end to rumors that it plans to release an 8K camcorder when it unveils its new EOS C500 Mark II camcorder at NAB, according to Camera Times.

EditShare (Booth SL9716)

EditShare has several innovative products and features to help media professionals collaborate on projects more efficiently, improve production and generate creativity. Some of the people who use EditShare include filmmakers, sports broadcasters, newsrooms, post-production teams.

As more filming is done in 4K resolution, media companies will be in need of more storage space for their files. EditShare will unveil their its ultra-high bandwidth solution at NAB 2016 and explain to business owners the path to take as they transition from high definition to 4K.


Facilis Technology (Booth SL8811)

Facilis will present its latest solid state drive (SSD) technology at NAB 2016, according to Broadcast Beat. These SSDs will give companies more bandwidth to work with for projects shot in 4K or greater resolution. It will also allow users to decide where and how much storage space should be dedicated to a specific file.

Facilis will also present its FastTracker, a new application that helps users organize, search for and view various types of content within the Facilis Shared Storage space.

I-Movix (Booth C8626)

I-Movix will unveil Infinite, an ultra-slow motion system for any production, including live high-definition sporting events, commercials, documentaries and feature films. The system can record more than an hour of non-stop ultra-slow motion, even without having a server on hand.

The company will also display its X10 UHD RF system, which can wirelessly be used to create ultra-slow motion shots in high-definition for sports productions.

LiveU (Booth C1717)

LiveU uses its technology to stream live wireless transmissions all over the globe. It will put on a technology showcase with NewTech and Panasonic at its booth at NAB 2016 to show that its field encoder is a reliable replacement for dedicated satellites and fiber links, and that stations can trust the encoder to share data and video with one another. will put LiveU’s encoder to the test when it netcasts a live workflow. The demo will not just show off LiveU’s encoder, but also that it supports NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI). An NDI basically allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over Internet protocol.  

Panasonic cameras will pick up LiveU’s stream and take it straight into NewTek’s system to be viewed on

Primestream (Booth SL10216)

Primestream will present the newest versions of its dynamic media management software. One update to its FORK software is it can handle workflow in 4K from ingest to playout. As for Primestream’s Xchange Suite v4.5, it can now download and import content and metadata from Xchange to most major editing programs.


Quantum (Booth SL8416)

Quantum has a number of new products to put on display, including its Xcellis system, StorNext 5.3 platform and StorNext Prolutions, according to Creative Cow. The company will put on a demonstration to show how users can more easily adjust to working with 4K and with content that touches a wider color gamut.

Shotoku (Booth C8008)

Shotoku Broadcast Systems will introduce its new Free-d2 system to the United States broadcast market. The Free-d2 system uses a video processing algorithm that will move and place studio cameras in the perfect spot. The system will have a small camera that’s attached the studio camera, and it’ll work with any type of camera, whether it’s a Steadicam or handheld.

Snell Advanced Media (Booth SL1805)

SAM will unveil several technologies, including its Kula switcher range — which will allow users to switch from among 4K, HD and standard-definition sources — and its LiveTouch platform that will allow sports broadcasters to put together highlights packages and slow-motion replays efficiently in 4K.

Tiger Technology (Booth SL13613)

Tiger Technology will host a presentation of its projectPro software, a tool that simplifies collaborative workflows by allowing users to check in and out of projects. Whenever a collaborator ingests or pretty much does anything to a media file, projectPro will create a proxy that other collaborators can stream from anywhere to see the changes made.

Triveni Digital (Booth SU15402)

Triveni Digital has two new products it will showcase at NAB this year:

  • Its Broadcast Data Management Platform, built specifically for ATSC 3.0;
  • and Channel Sharing Support for its GuideBuilder 5 PSIP Management System, which will let broadcasters “successfully unify and manage Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) metadata for multiple channels to retain appropriate station level channel branding, service guide information, and maintain FCC compliance.”

vMix (Booth SL7920)

Live production software company vMix will release vMix17 at the show and has announced the software will have pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera control. PTZ cameras can be remote-controlled to be moved in various directions and zoom in and out. vMix adding PTZ camera control to its arsenal makes it especially useful for sporting events and news broadcasts.

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