Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-1865 Update job progress reporting in the Brevity Client-App
New BVF-1866 Simplify configuration of maximum bandwidth limits
New BVF-1869 Job Summary Reporting
New BVF-2482 Clean up existing web video H.264 profiles
New BVF-2483 GPU based H.264 encoding
Fix BVF-2490 Videos pushed to Vimeo are saved as “Untitled”
Fix BVF-2712 Project configured locations should have all properties optional
Fix BVF-2749 Job metadata not showing in the Brevity Client-App
Fix BVF-2763 Add additional caching to callbacks service
Fix BVF-2764 Improve callbacks retry logic
Fix BVF-2790 Unable to grant access to profile category using the Brevity Client-App
Fix BVF-2791 Unable to save a new forked profile
Fix BVF-2796 Unable to fork an existing profile
New BVF-2822 Improve handling of file transfers over JNI bridge
Fix BVF-2868 User not prompted to save changes before navigating away from dirty location details page
Fix BVF-2869 Update transfer algorithm to better handle packet loss
Fix BVF-2870 Internal UDP performance monitor returns incorrect speed
Fix BVF-2874 Disable HTTP TRACE method from all services
Fix BVF-2907 Brevity Engines are taking on too many concurrent transcode jobs
Fix BVF-2909 “Edit” icon cut off in Brevity Client-App


Areas affected:

  • Executer (engine)
  • Watchfolders (engine)
  • Jobs API
  • Projects API
  • Files API
  • Organizations API
  • Profiles API
  • Locations API
  • Callbacks Service
  • Authentication API
  • Workflow Service
  • Rendezvous service
  • Client Application (build 28)