Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-3254 File indexer service for remote location browsing and ingest
New BVF-3355 Support ingesting nested bundles via watchfolders
New BVF-3382 Support Microsoft Azure blob storage delivery destination
Fix BVF-3014 Client-App: Process indicator does not show actual transfer speed
Fix BVF-3153 Purge service not removing empty directories
Fix BVF-3327 Bundle GPU: Transcode error when submitting bundle with multiple files
Fix BVF-3335 AWS S3: Content exists rule does not take affect
Fix BVF-3336 Incorrect delivery settings pushed to S3 and FTP locations
Fix BVF-3344 Get /job call querying more data than required when ‘?includeFileDetails=false’
Fix BVF-3348 Thumbnails not delivered to Push to Path delivery settings
Fix BVF-3369 The auto-updating client-app installer is no longer generating patch files
Fix BVF-3380 Job created callback included invalid JSON
Fix BVF-3401 Performance updates
Fix BVF-3445 Cannot fork a thumbnail profile
Fix BVF-3472 Incorrect hateoas link on job URL’s


Areas affected:

  • Executer (engine)
  • Watchfolders (engine)
  • Filemonitor (Engine)
  • Jobs API
  • Projects API
  • Files API
  • Organizations API
  • Profiles API
  • Locations API
  • Callbacks Service
  • Authentication API
  • Workflow Service
  • Rendezvous service
  • Client Application (Release 2 – Build 32)