Issue Type Key Summary
Fix BVF-3630 Nested bundle flag not observed
Fix BVF-3629 Engine to engine jobs fail if a managed directory is dropped
New BVF-3626 Add function to initiate remote executer service restart
Fix BVF-3623 Brevity client app crashing when login with “Remember Me’ selected
Fix BVF-3619 Step progress message queue falling behind
Fix BVF-3617 File probe task should be skipped for non-transcoding workflows
New BVF-3614 Brevity client app retains token and automatically logs in if token has not expired
New BVF-3607 “Remember Me” selector not working


Areas affected:

  • Workflow Service
  • Executer (engine)
  • Engine Provisioner Service
  • Client Application (Release 2 – Build 34)