Issue Type Key Summary
Fix BVF-3654 Update callback receiver service to correct failing jobs
Fix BVF-3651 Update graph database stored functions
Fix BVF-3650 Add optional count query to pager library
Fix BVF-3649 Correct Java OOM error in Brevity Client Application
Fix BVF-3647 Correct null pointer error when executing GET /jobs
Fix BVF-3646 Update database record archival policy
Fix BVF-3645 Field definitions updated in callback receiver service
Fix BVF-3642 Improved database clustering fault tolerance
Fix BVF-3641 Resume Brevity Engine to Brevity Engine file transfer after service restart
Fix BVF-3639 Step.Progress updates causing null pointer error in workflow service
Fix BVF-3638 Update to callback-receiver service
Fix BVF-3637 Exception errors due to requesting too many records from database
Fix BVF-3636 Update stored database procedures to correct heavy CPU utilization problem
New BVF-3635 Push to Azure blob containers parallelized with thread pool of 30 and 4MB blocks
New BVF-3625 Incorporate automated retry for failed workflow tasks


Areas affected:

  • Executer (engine)
  • Jobs API
  • Projects API
  • Files API
  • Organizations API
  • Profiles API
  • Locations API
  • Callback-Receiver Service
  • Workflow Service

Client Application (Release 2 – Build 35)