Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-2548 Brevity Engine clustering – Add Brevity Engine to cluster via API
New BVF-3512 Incorporate monitoring service into all Brevity API services
New BVF-2766 Auto database clustering
Fix BVF-3577 Correct Java OOM in callback receiver service
Fix BVF-2616 Correct duplicated callback delivery for job success
New BVF-2546 Brevity Engine clustering – Create new Brevity Engine cluster via API
Fix BVF-2707 Increase scrolling limits for destinations
New BVF-3225 Display delivery settings configuration defaults
New BVF-2910 Edit existing project delivery settings
Fix BVF-3337 Update Brevity Engine to Brevity Engine for submitted bundles and directories
Fix BVF-3594 Java exception error during File Monitor service startup
New BVF-2556 Jobs submitted to cluster are processed by cluster member nodes
Fix BVF-3367 Local downloads: Browse from remote file are displayed as “Multiple Files”
Fix BVF-3509 Map in Locations tab in Brevity Client app returns “Oops, something went wrong”.
Fix BVF-3319 Logback service not honoring TotalSizeCap
Fix BVF-3478 Error when creating new projects
Fix BVF-3490 Not possible to update location name or modify Enabled selector
Fix BVF-2745 Include pagination for more than 15 granted organization memberships
Fix BVF-3247 Update patch project location configuration creating new documents instead of updating existing
Fix BVF-3528 Permissions check incorrect for mounted file volumes in Files API service


Areas affected:

  • Executer (engine)
  • Watchfolders (engine)
  • Filemonitor (engine)
  • Authentication Service
  • OAuth Consumer Service
  • Jobs API
  • Projects API
  • Files API
  • Organizations API
  • Profiles API
  • Locations API
  • Callbacks Service
  • Callback-Receiver Service
  • Engine Provisioner Service
  • P2P Rendezvous Service
  • Server Side Events Service
  • Job-Offer Service (Clustering)
  • Workflow Service
  • Client Application (Release 2 – Build 36)