Issue Type Key Summary
Fix BVF-3549 Clustering update to message queue service
Fix BVF-3708 Callback service failing to obtain the callback URL
Fix BVF-3711 Brevity Client App hangs when outer pane disappears
Fix BVF-3706 Brevity Client App crashing intermittently after completion of job
Fix BVF-3705 Purge service in Brevity Engine executer leaks open file descriptors
Fix BVF-3707 Correct intermittent API timeout problem
Fix BVF-3710 Thumbnails not sent to workflow service resulting in stuck jobs


Areas affected:

  • Workflow Service
  • Executer (engine)
  • Organizations API
  • Callbacks Service
  • Engine Provisioner Service
  • Client Application (Release 2 – Build 39)