Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-3733 Add private channel support to Media RSS generation
New BVF-3734 Add center crop to custom thumbnail profiles
New BVF-3735 Add custom meta data parsing logic to Brevity for media RSS generation
New BVF-3731 Add “All” channel to include all content from other channels for media RSS generation
New BVF-3729 Store media RSS on FTP locations
Fix BVF-3732 Channel media RSS not generating dcterms:valid
Fix BVF-3741 Multiple thumbnail delivery to gateway failing
Fix BVF-3736 Correct bundle push to FTP problem when ingesting via Brevity Client App
New BVF-3727 Add media:keywords to media RSS feeds


Areas affected:

  • Callback Receiver Service
  • Workflow Service
  • Files API