Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-3796 Add sub-channel support to Media RSS generation
New BVF-3720 Add average bandwidth reporting to job details
New BVF-3762 Add progress column to job details page in Brevity Client app
Fix BVF-3785 Unable to browse remote file systems with directories that include spaces
Fix BVF-3774 Brevity Client app becomes unstable after token expires
Fix BVF-3782 Error parsing stored modification date for remote indexed file systems
Fix BVF-3744 Completed jobs remain in ACTIVE state even though all tasks completed successfully
New BVF-3747 Update / modify existing meta data in Media RSS feeds from XML data
Fix BVF-3763 Maintain aspect ratio for ingested thumbnail images
Fix BVF-3741 Delivery of multiple thumbnails to remote gateways fails
Fix BVF-3755 Non-video files in bundles being delivered to video only delivery settings
New BVF-3756 OAuth secured callback endpoint support
Fix BVF-3748 Asset delivery not reliable to FTP locations
Fix BVF-3766 Custom media player integration returning invalid URL’s
New BVF-3773 Update artwork in Brevity Client App
Fix BVF-3754 Workflow service unstable after large number of thumbnails processed
Fix BVF-3745 Workflow service updates Files API service asynchronously
Fix BVF-3740 Files API service updated to reduce database query complexity
Fix BVF-3743 Files API service slow transaction performance
Fix BVF-3738 Message queue service updated to improve “step.progress” queue handling


Areas affected:

  • Callback Receiver Service
  • Callbacks Service
  • Organizations API
  • Locations API
  • Profiles API
  • Projects API
  • Jobs API
  • Job-Offer Service
  • Workflow Service
  • Files API
  • Authn API
  • OAuth-Consumer Service
  • P2P Rendezvous Service
  • Server Side Events Service
  • Database intra-replication Service
  • Client Application (Release 2 – Build 41)