Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-3648 Add ability to cancel a running job
New BVF-3809 Add purge function to Files API service
Fix BVF-3601 Asset deliveries to Microsoft Azure generate NPE error when file is dropped from a watch directory
New BVF-3800 Multiple callback deliveries – Add callbacks to projects
Fix BVF-3822 Brevity Client app unable to add new sub organizations
New BVF-3690 Improvements to channel management and storage of metadata. Visible in Brevity Client App
Fix BVF-3622 Brevity Client App generates OOM errors during mass ingest of source assets
New BVF-3851 Add support for E-Mail callback notifications
Fix BVF-3813 Improved reliability for large asset bundle ingest
Fix BVF-3603 Brevity Engines specified in project delivery settings not being utilized
Fix BVF-3832 Client App returning error after viewing organization details
New BVF-3815 Asset probe details and metadata viewable in Client App
Fix BVF-3830 Job progress update bar not updating reliably
Fix BVF-3811 Improve reliability of Brevity Engine file purge service for large data sets
Fix BVF-3808 Improve pixel format detection for DNxHD source assets
Fix BVF-3856 Jobs fail during thumbnail generation when ) ( characters present in source asset file name


Areas affected:

  • Callback Receiver Service
  • Callbacks Service
  • Organizations API
  • Locations API
  • Profiles API
  • Projects API
  • Jobs API
  • Job-Offer Service
  • Workflow Service
  • Files API
  • Authn API
  • OAuth-Consumer Service
  • P2P Rendezvous Service
  • Server Side Events Service
  • Database intra-replication Service

Client Application (Release 2 – Build 42