Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-3604 Add IO controls to control or throttle file transfer tasks
New BVF-2548 Brevity cluster management. Add engines to clusters via API
New BVF-3512 Internal Prometheus service health monitoring updates
Fix BVF-3898 Add retry for individual FTP/FTPS/SFTP file transfer sessions
New BVF-3560 Allow for the requesting of clips via the Jobs API
New BVF-3561 Allow for the requesting of clips via watchfolder workflows
Fix BVF-3930 Allow users with sysadmin right to view and edit any existing projects
New BVF-3851 Add auto clustering to graph database nodes
Fix BVF-3577 Callback receiver generating exception error
Fix BVF-2616 Duplicated callback notifications being generated
Fix BVF-3937 Callbacks being lost when encountering authentication problems
New BVF-3523 Metering service monitoring API usage for improved auto scaling
New BVF-3913 Asset clipping via API and automated compatibility testing
Fix BVF-2546 Create new cluster resource via API
Fix BVF-2707 Exiting location resources not scrolling correctly
New BVF-3225 Default delivery settings are now displayed in the client app
New BVF-2910 Edit existing project delivery settings
Fix BVF-3337 Update workflow service correcting problem transferring folders between Brevity engines
Fix BVF-3594 File monitor indexing service generates exception error
Fix BVF-3935 Update to executer service correcting problem where engine no longer reports available for new jobs
New BVF-3562 Generate asset clipping command
New BVF-3510 Increase BDD testing coverage
Fix BVF-3936 Individual jobs getting duplicated on cluster nodes
New BVF-2556 Improved job submission and distribution to clusters
Fix BVF-3367 Browse remote improperly displaying some assets as multiple files
Fix BVF-3509 Map in Locations tab randomly displays Oops, Something went wrong
Fix BVF-3319 Logging service not honoring size limitation resulting in runaway log storage
Fix BVF-3478 Creating a new project randomly fails after viewing existing project
Fix BVF-3490 Impossible to update location name or set enable flag
Fix BVF-3934 Index not used for job listing resulting in long delays on projects with numerous jobs
Fix BVF-2745 Pagination added for organizations with more than 15 members
Fix BVF-3247 Project location configuration modification generating new records rather than modifying existing records
Fix BVF-3528 Permissions check fails for mounted disk volumes in Files API
New BVF-3609 Improved delivery support and performance for very large file sets to Microsoft Azure BLOB’s
New BVF-2552 Remove engine from existing cluster via API
Fix BVF-3918 Jobs fail when using profile with delivery settings that have differing push to path values
New BVF-3523 Added location support for Dell ECS Storage
Fix BVF-3938 Thumbnail generation failing when attempting to parse certain file types
Fix BVF-3931 Thumbnail generation failing when certain events are passed to logging service
Fix BVF-3480 Usernames are now case insensitive
New BVF-2550 View cluster members via API
New BVF-2551 View cluster members via client App
New BVF-2554 View engine cluster membership via API
New BVF-2555 View engine cluster membership via client App
Fix BVF-3689 File naming macro tokens being ignored during push to path
Fix BVF-2430 Jobs API service initiating spurious requests to Organizations API
Fix BVF-2602 Exception errors in P2P rendezvous service


Areas affected:

  • Callback Receiver Service
  • Callbacks Service
  • Organizations API
  • Locations API
  • Profiles API
  • Projects API
  • Jobs API
  • Job-Offer Service
  • Workflow Service
  • Files API
  • Authn API
  • OAuth-Consumer Service
  • P2P Rendezvous Service
  • Server Side Events Service
  • Database intra-replication Service