Release 1.0 (06/19/16)


Issue Type Key Summary
New BVF-1715 File naming macros
New BVF-177 Introduce additional caching layers
New BVF-2019 Display folder structure on the project/ingest/browse page
New BVF-2022 Allow multiple drag/drop within the client app to ingest files/directories
New BVF-2128 Allow the file-monitor to purge thumbnails
New BVF-2179 Support nested directory structures for managed content within the files-api
New BVF-2180 Return directories via the files API
New BVF-2188 Maintain timecode tracks when transcoding to other formats where necessary
New BVF-2242 Support job related metadata
Fix BVF-2243 Certain OP1a, MOV, MXF and IMX input sources failed transcoding is no audio codec could be detected
New BVF-2247 Support submitting jobs directly via the API for non-indexed files
New BVF-2272 Add job related metadata as part of content submitted via watchfolders
New BVF-2290 Inform client-users when updates are available at startup
New BVF-2314 Support the pushing of content to mounted volumes outside the Brevity platform as part of the Brevity workflow
New BVF-2315 Add customizable content overwrite rules
New BVF-2412 Support sending non-video files (any file type) via Brevity
New BVF-2434 Add additional organization and user information to generated authentication tokens
New BVF-2489 Replace friendly date time formats in client-app with exact date time


Areas affected:

  • Executer (engine)
  • Watchfolders (engine)
  • Workflow service
  • Replication service
  • Rendezvous service
  • Callbacks service
  • Authentication API
  • Locations API
  • Profiles API
  • Projects API
  • Files API
  • Jobs API
  • Client Application (build 17)