For Small & Medium Businesses

Replaces the need to deliver video projects on DVD or hard-drive and enables the sending of files optimized for consumer and corporate video users on mobile, desktop and connected television platforms.

  • Reduces the amount of video data being delivered over the network by up to 50% with lossless or visually lossless quality by leveraging NVIDIA’s latest GPUs to accelerate the Brevity Image Warp codec.
  • Introduces new cost performance options to the video market with smaller form factor Brevity Appliances that are both portable and energy efficient.
  • Integrates cloud storage and delivery for easy distribution of files to other clouds such as Amazon Web Services and YouTube.
  • Publishes one file to dozens of locations quickly, easily, and cost effectively.
Recommended for
  • Organizations that need to send and receive video quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost effective replacement for DVD and hard drive based workflows.
  • Remote editors and production teams that need to send and receive large video files.

In this video the outer ring represents upload to the cloud and the inner ring represents transcode jobs. AllDigital Brevity starts the transcoding and syndication delivery to 1 location in parallel. The HTTP based workflow shown on the right uploads and encodes and delivers as separate steps resulting in a much slower propagation time.