Uber has unintentionally taught small business owners the world over a valuable lesson: You, too, can compete head-on with a $62.5 billion international company.

The on-demand transportation company showed its hand in its recent “Bits and Atoms” rebranding video. Take a look:

Looks like stock video and motion graphics templates, right? Sure, the video looks good, but it’s also a sign that the playing field is a lot more level than you might imagine.

So, if you want to put together Uber-quality videos, check out these 20 companies’ stock video, and After Effects templates. Some are free, and all of them are fine for even the most bootstrapped production budgets.


VideoHive, part of the Envato Network, is has just about everything. More than 250,000 royal-free video files that start at $4, stock footage and motion graphics templates are available. VideoHive’s templates include openers, product promos, elements and infographics. There’s also a social media element to it; earn badges, leave comments and take part in forums.

Motion Array

Motion Array currently has more than 1,000 After Effects templates at its disposal for you to use for cheap. A free membership will give you access to all of the site’s free downloads; Motion Array’s Pro program will run you $49 a month, and that gets you 20 downloads. The files are yours; use them for as many clients and projects as you like without having to worry about extra licensing fees.


Pond5 has thousands of customizable templates for whatever kind of video you’re producing. Template categories include light streaks, infographics, and lower thirds. Its library is royalty-free and is perfect for all types of videos – sports, holidays, corporate presentations, cooking shows and more.


With VideoBlocks, you can enhance your creative projects with studio-quality files at a reasonable price. VideoBlocks is a membership-only site, but its members get unlimited access to its library and global marketplace. For $129, you can download as many files as you want. Use VideoBlocks’ templates for digital presentations, highlight your company logo, spice up your vid’s intro, or give your video an epic movie feel.

Motion Elements

Motion Elements, the Asia’s biggest online marketplace for stock video, offers clips starting at $5. Clips are royalty-free. Motion Elements’ AE library is full of broadcast-quality standard and high definition files that are perfect for title intros, celebrations, and news broadcasts.


FluxVFX’s menu of After Effects templates will help you create a professional-looking video affordably. Templates range from free to $35 and include election results graphics, financial infographics, text messaging and drag-and-drop slideshows. Plus, once you download a template, it’ll come with easy-to-follow customization instructions to help you get started.

Camera Beach


RocketStock has curated an extensive library of AE templates that feature work from top motion graphics designers around the world. Templates are organized in a way that’s easy to comprehend regardless of experience level in the video field. RocketStock’s library varies from graphics packs, logos, title sequences, promotions and overlays — prices start at $19. Detailed customization instructions come with every template and the support staff is at the ready to help if you have additional questions.

Free AE Templates

The company’s name says it all. Free AE Templates offers an array of templates that can be used for slideshows, logos, custom lower thirds, trailers and more for zero cost. All of its templates include a royalty-free license, which gives you lifetime use for any production you want. Free AE Templates’ library is a good fit for photography portfolios, book launches, wedding slideshows and media projects. New files are added to the site weekly.


BlueFx offers a great opportunity to improve your videos without breaking the bank. A handful of its AE templates are available for free, and paid templates start at $17. BlueFx’s templates make it easy for users to add their logo, change text and color backgrounds, and more.

Red Giant People

Red Giant People created its site for its members to browse and download its vast library of free AE templates. Video producers can add to their video with templates such as rain, falling text, smoke, oceanic scenes and more.

AE Dude

AE Dude has a handful of text-oriented AE templates on its site to help your titles stand out. Templates range from $15 to $90, are high definition, and come with detailed instructions. If you don’t have the required software to use AE Dude’s templates, that’s okay. Just contact the team, and they will work to get you your desired template in a format that works with your software, usually within 24 hours.

Ruffkut Media

Ruffkut Media supplies its users with After Effects templates that work for business or personal projects. Ruffkut Media’s templates are backward compatible to CS4 and additional plug-ins aren’t required. All templates are reasonably priced, ranging from free to just under $25. After you purchase a template, Ruffkut can modify to your specifications.


Maxafter provides users not just with AE templates but tutorials, as well. Once you download a Maxafter AE file, you’ll be able to replace or edit the sample text, photos or videos with your content. The free tutorials will help you better understand how motion graphics and After Effects work. Every template comes with an online video tutorial, and you can watch it before you buy the template. Maxafter’s templates work great for introductions, photo displays and logo reveals.


Planet AEP

Planet AEP is an AE template resource focused on graphics, textures and backgrounds. Users can simply change text lines and match some of the same great effects you see on the Planet AEP website. You can also access the pre-made backgrounds and textures Planet AEP offers without external files. The site also has 100 vector-based flags you can add to your video. Most downloads are just $5.


BatchFrame.com has about 20 AE templates on its site that range from $10 to $80. The site is dedicated to helping people produce high quality videos without spending a lot of money on custom motion graphics. Current options include putting your own text on a computer screen, make a photo collage, 3D movement and lighting your text on fire.


S9Motion.com offers users a large library of professional AE projects, and it makes them customizable, too. S9Motion.com’s AE templates are a good match for movie trailers and corporate and special events.


You can access MotionMile’s entire collection of free After Effects templates along with Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro tutorials at no cost. Or, for a $20 annual premium membership fee, you can also get MotionMile’s premium AE and Cinema 4D templates. Choose between motion graphics title sequences, motion graphics, sports intros, promotional product ads and more.


DropDrop.com lets you download and customize AE templates that have pre-made animations. The site makes it simple to access the templates; simply download the ones you want, edit the text or graphics, and then send them out. All of the DropDrom.com’s AE templates are royalty-free and start for as little as $7 to download.

Template Digital

Template Digital is a motion graphics marketplace where community members may buy and sell royalty-free stock motion graphics to use for video production. Premium motion graphics may be supplied in packages or as an individual file.

Either way, the files are vector-based and customizable. Template Digital offers automated customizable storyboarding to give you a chance to get approval on graphics before buying a template. The use of vector graphics and only selling After Effects files that don’t include pre-rendered video allows Template Digital to offer some of the smallest template files in the industry, thus making downloads faster.


Fantazo provides solutions for video experts of all experience levels with its collection of AE templates. Users can give their videos a high-production look for cheap, as Fantazo’s templates are anywhere from free to $42. Templates are available for immediate download after you purchase it and each one comes with a video tutorial so show you how to customize it to fit your needs.


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