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Ultra Low Latency

Beta Sign-up

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The streaming industry has been excited about live video since the earliest days of our industry. My first live streaming event the amount of time that passed between when the stream left the camera to when it played back on the website was several minutes. I still remember the awkward silence as the CEO asked, ” Any questions from the Internet?”  Questions did not arrive for several minutes due to stream latency.

This latency has improved each year but industry streaming delays still average 20 seconds or more of delay between camera to player when using most streaming services. The common wisdom was the Internet audience can’t tell it is delayed because they have no point of reference. Enter social media and mobile notifications and you have a big problem. Users are being alerted to key plays, breaking news and other real-time data prior to the live stream arriving.

Many companies tried to solve this problem with proprietary players, codecs and delivery formats. The issue here is that today live streams need to play on mobile, tablets, desktops and connected televisions. Changing all these client side players would be a massive undertaking. An elegant solution for the problem would be to use existing codecs and delivery formats that these players already understand and just remove the delay. With the advent of faster infrastructure, new software architectures  and the input of leading broadcasters AllDigital’s Ultra-low Latency streaming was born. We look forward to you participating in this exciting beta that we feels solves one of the biggest technical problems facing our industry.

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