It’s no surprise that Southern California features the densest concentration of video production talent anywhere in the world.

Back when the motion picture industry set up shop in Los Angeles more than a century ago, anyone who was drawn to working with the exciting new medium of film came to Southern California to make a career.

The same is true today — even though video has long since become a digitally native medium, great video production studios naturally cluster around Southern California because of the sheer amount of talent (and great weather) available.

Here are 20 video production companies leading the way today.

Suite Spot

Suite Spot got its start in New York but opened a Los Angeles office in 2012. The company does everything from commercial video to live event streaming to video for virtual reality platforms.

Check out this awesome commercial Suite Spot did for NBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs here.

Lord Danger

The team at Lord Danger specialize in music videos, commercials and streams of live events. The five-year-old production house does some incredibly eye-catching work. Just check out this music video Lord Danger did for Steve Aoki’s song “Neon Future”:


LiveTribe‘s team of directors, producers, writers, brand experts and graphic artists has a range of great video it can produce, from branded video to feature-length films. Or, as they put it: “We use our art to connect you effectively to your clients.” You can see that art in motion for the video LiveTribe did for UK band Monarchy, and their song “Living Without You”:

Highline Studios

Highline Studios, with offices in Hollywood and Manhattan, specializes in branded content, digital content and corporate video. “We get the bigger picture,” the team writes. “Branding, identity, and social.”

A good example of that is the branded video Highline Studios did for Suga:

4WT Media

4WT Media in Culver City specializes in video content (including branded videos and testimonials) that businesses can use to market themselves on television and online. Below is a video 4WT did with comedy duo LivePrude Girls and Matt Damon to promote

Solana Productions

Solana Productions, with offices in San Diego and LA, does great work with live video. The Emmy Award-winning team has done news, features and segments for shows such as “Dr. Phil” and “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Here is a segment Solana did for “Entertainment Tonight” on Jessica Alba:

Enlightened Pictures

Filmmaker Daniel Gamburg is the owner and person in charge at Glendale’s Enlightened Pictures, which offers production and post-production services. Gamburg is a visual storyteller, and he prides himself on being able to bring a personal touch to all of his client work.

He’s done several videos for Guide Dogs for the Blind, one of which was a PSA featuring Betty White, which you can check out here.


Brandefy is a full-service company of filmmakers and visual storytellers. “Cinema and storytelling is at the core of our world and it shows in the unparalleled products we deliver to our ecstatic clients,” the team writes.

Brandefy has a huge portfolio of client work, but it’s worth showcasing how well its team does with whiteboard explainer videos:

Cresta Creative

Cresta Creative is a boutique production house that specializes in corporate videos, but the team’s expertise extends across the marketing spectrum. Cresta also helps with brand positioning, copywriting, social media and a variety of other things businesses need.

Here is a nice corporate video Cresta did for the Coca-Cola Group in 2011:

Seven Pictures

Seven Pictures first opened its doors in Hollywood back in 1996. The video production company’s calling card is the cinematic touch it adds to everything it shoots, whether a commercial or a live event stream.

Here is a great corporate video the team put together for Teledyne Controls, which makes hardware for air traffic management and flight safety.

Sunblock Studios

Sunblock Studios (SNBLK) makes super entertaining videos for corporate branding purposes, for commercials, and sometimes for musicians. The goal is to target social relevance so that the videos can go viral and still deliver on-brand messages for clients.

Here is an older video by SNBLK that’s worth checking out. It is a trailer for a Halloween show featuring EDM artists Deadmau5 and Avicii:

The X Collective

The team at The X Collective can handle most projects thrown their way, whether wedding videos or fashion shoots. “We pride ourselves on being able to approach projects of every scale, genre, timeline and budget with a professionalism that exceeds your expectations,” they write.

You can see the team’s reel below:

Blare Media

With offices in LA and Northern California, Blare Media has several smaller businesses it works with to produce great video at budgets that work for clients of that size. When it was founded in 2005, the team realized it was able to produce work that’s Super Bowl ad-worthy by leveraging technology that “took video image quality into the stratosphere and allowed for substantially smaller crews, saving substantial amounts of money.”

Case in point: Check out how great this spot for Fresno’s Westwoods BBQ looks.

Super Rad Films

Super Rad Films produces great features, commercials and music videos — each showcasing the team’s own endless fountain of creativity. A great example is the video below, which Super Rad did for the song “BiPolar Junction” by Doping:

Ezra Productions

Ezra Productions CEO Jillian Ezra founded her production company in 2012 to create compelling, emotive video for both clients and audiences. This includes shareworthy, digital-native video “for forward-thinking brand and modern families around the world.”

Below is a great example of Ezra Productions’ work. It’s branded content for a startup Tea Drops; the video won a 2015 Telly Award in the Branded Content category:


Gate5‘s team creates “cohesive visual campaign for motion and still photography,” as they describe it. “We produce, write, direct, shoot, edit and create graphics for web commercials, TV spots, promotional & training videos and direct response TV and infomercials.” If a client needs any kind of video done, Gate5 has the skills to make it happen.

A great example of Gate5’s work is this commercial it did for Nike.


The team at MRB can do all things video. They do live events, feature films, commercials and branded content, and they’ve won many awards for their work. You’ve probably seen some of MRB’s work — they shoot the pre-taped segments for the ESPY Awards every year.

Check out this TV spot MRB did for toymaker Spin Master:

Tiger House Films

Tiger House Films produces rich, engaging video for companies’ commercials, branded content, music videos and television content. Tiger House’s team is versatile: They’ve won international film contests as well as contracts with industry giants such as Lexus and The Recording Academy.

You can see the lushness of their production in this spot for Chereine Royal Skincare.

Patrick Ortman, Inc.

Patrick Ortman and his team have a shop in Studio City (as well as in New York) where they do commercials and films for a variety of companies. Their clients range from nonprofits to startups to several Fortune 500 companies. “We purposely keep our team small and concentrated, to keep quality high,” they write. “If we do work with you, you’ll be working directly with Patrick and our ‘A-Team’ of award-winning filmmakers.”

You can see some of the commercials Ortman and team have done for clients such as Capital One and Levi’s in the reel below [slightly NSFW]:

The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry has offices in Paris, New York and LA, and the video its team does looks simply incredible. They can do video for digital or broadcast media, and one of their real strengths is engaging branded content.

Check out this video The Cavalry’s Chris Delaporte did for Nestlé.


image by:
Henning Witzel