America’s southernmost major city is a magnet for talent from across the country, and from across the entire Caribbean. In Miami, you will find a deep pool of talented filmmakers, editors and every other kind of professional needed to make commercial video that pops.

Here are 19 video production houses in Miami that can help you put together a knockout, professional-looking video.

5K Productions

The team members at 5K Productions don’t just see themselves as production professionals, but as production enthusiasts (“nerds,” as they put it). They love video technology as much as the production process itself. Their decades of experience allow them to help clients produce commercials, TV programming and corporate films.

5K Productions also handles production logistics: location scouting, permits, hiring the crew, talent casting are all part of the package. Creative services such as executive production, writing and storyboarding are available, too, if needed.

Andromeda Productions

Andromeda Productions uses a talented team of innovators to write, direct, produce, film and edit films, commercials, sizzle reels and music videos. Andromedia operates out of the Miami neighborhood of Wynwood, but the production team will travel wherever their client is in the US to get the job done. The company thrives on paying close attention to detail in its mission to create engaging and inspiring content.

Bluemoon Filmworks

Bluemoon Filmworks’ mission is simple: to come up with visual stories that connect with people. The video production company throws itself into every one of its projects so the end product is a film that clients can use to develop and grow their business. Its experienced crew of professional filmmakers specializes in music videos, TV ads, feature films, and pre- and post-production services.

Corporate Event Miami Production from Cesar Perez on Vimeo.

Beverly Boy Productions

Beverly Boy Productions is out to make sure its clients’ projects are perfect the first time. Its production crew takes in the needs of each client to ensure it has 100% clarity before the project has begun. Beverly Boy Productions views video production as an art and wants to make each client’s project its next masterpiece. The company has produced reality TV shows, promotional and marketing videos, music videos, and educational videos.


BONOMOTION produces corporate, web and entertainment videos for companies of all sizes; from startups to Fortune 500s. Its goal is to help clients market themselves in a simple and affordable, yet powerful way.

BONOMOTION works off the concept of personal branding; which it believes is paramount to all of its clients’ success because video is the strongest communications tool. Specialties include real estate markets, corporate video production, event video production and aerial drone production. BONOMOTION also offers marketing consultations and assists with YouTube and video SEO.

Canvas Films

Canvas Films uses a broad, inclusive approach to each of its clients’ projects with the latest video production technology and targeted marketing methods to insure the final product delivers a clear, concise message. The company is made up a an award-winning staff that’s dedicated to every aspect of a client’s project. Canvas Films produces, directs, writes, shoots and edits projects such as music videos, films, TV commercials, documentaries, infomercials and more.

Digital Cut Productions

Digital Cut Productions gives its clients videos with a big agency feel without the big agency price tag. By streamlining the creative process — coming up with ideas, writing the script, overseeing the shoots, graphic design and handling post-production — Digital Cut is able to save its clients big money. Some of Digital Cut’s work includes corporate and event videos, commercials, website content and testimonials.

Empire Video Productions

Since 1996, Empire Video Productions co-owners Adrian and Thomas have been combining their love of making videos, technology and storytelling. Empire Video handles events (weddings and quinceanera packages); corporate videos; and live streaming for events such as conferences, seminars sports, music performances and weddings. Production services include multi-camera high-definition filming, post-production editing and archiving, and interview filming.

Fandango Pictures

Fandango Pictures wants to do more than just promote a business; it wants to make the client’s business come to life online. Each video Fandango Pictures produces provides compelling, interesting and emotionally engaging storytelling.

The company shoots promotion videos, covers live events and film interviews. The Fandango team will also be there every step of the way: pre-production, production, and post-production. And when it comes to the output, your video will be a high-quality file that can be used for a variety of channels, whether online, at a tradeshow or for broadcast TV.

Dwyane Wade fulfills High School Graduate’s Dream! from Fandango Pictures on Vimeo.

Latch Lab

Latch Lab finds the top technical and creative minds in the video production industry and combines them with the latest film technology to generate high-impact, high-quality films and videos for musicians and corporations.

Latch Lab aims to create videos that will give their clients’ own customers a unique perspective, one that will grab their attention. All of Latch Lab’s production work is done in-house in order to maintain clear communication throughout production.

Letca Films

Letca Films have been on the Miami video production scene for more than 20 years, and the company still is determined to stay at the cutting edge of film production. Letca has done every type of film production imaginable, from commercials, to production services, to digital campaigns and even to soap operas. There’s no “one size fits all” production at Lecta either. Each production is crafted to fit its clients’ individual needs, creative visions and budgets.

Merge Studios

Merge Studios, a commercial film production company and agency, has used its ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital world and media landscape to create engaging short films, branding films, web videos, social media initiatives, documentaries and more. This group of creative storytellers has shared stories with organizations and big-name clients alike.

MU2 Productions

Since 2009, MU2 Productions has been one of Miami’s top video production companies and creative agencies. MU2 focuses on the development of digital media products such as commercials, music videos and documentary-style videos. The company takes a cinematic approach to its filming. Its experienced production team works alongside its clients from the early conception phase through post-production.

n2 Productions

n2 Productions has been producing a wide variety of videos since 1998: music videos, TV commercials, sales videos, you name it. N2 also supplies production support, gear and crews both in the US and internationally. The production company’s specialty is producing TV commercials for clients of all sizes with all kinds of budgets. Its industry expertise includes healthcare, travel and tourism, car dealers and restaurants. Its one-stop-shop approach means n2 can help with your concept, script it and storyboard it, too.

Paradise Video

Whatever you think you might need for your video production, Paradise Video has it. The company can handle one- or two-person camera crews as well as larger, more elaborate studio productions. Clients will work with an experienced, talented crew who can handle any project, whether it is a web video, documentary, broadcast programing, feature film or sporting event.

Regulus Films & Entertainment

Originally a recording studio, Regulus Films & Entertainment is one of the leading video production companies in the Miami area. Regulus works with businesses with various budget sizes and specializes in corporate and educational videos, TV commercials, 3D graphics, animation and music videos.

Sea Star Films

Sea Star Films is a video, film and animation production company with many areas of expertise, including commercials, 3D animation, green screen, corporate videos and lighting. Sea Star Films produces full-length infomercials, music videos, news coverage and more. The company also provides concept creation, writing and post-production services.

Trueba Media

Trueba Media produces a vide array of videos including commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and feature-length films. Trueba customizes each job to its client’s specific needs, so you can choose the services you’ll need and make adjustments throughout the process when necessary.

The company also specializes in social media marketing and can help you promote your video so it hits more eyes and climbs up the search engine rankings. Some of Trueba’s other non-production services include secure data storage and consumer behavior research.

Zip In Media Productions

You can find good video production companies all over Miami, but Zip In Media Productions takes things up a notch by offering clients marketing feedback, too. The company is skilled at creating high-quality videos for local and international clients, but also has the marketing knowledge to spare. Zip In Media just won’t produce and shoot your video; it’ll help you get your video noticed so you get the best return on your investment. Some of Zip In Media’s specialties include corporate videos, training videos and online marketing videos.

Kaufman Rossin Rebrand Launch Video from Zip In Media Video Production on Vimeo.


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