America’s biggest city is a magnet for global talent, and this includes skilled directors, editors and all other types of video professionals.

Hollywood beckons many, sure, but the Big Apple has more than its fair share of demand for great video, whether these are corporate shoots, live streams of big events or creative projects. New York City is rich with exceptional video talent.

Here are 20 video production companies in New York you should know.


ClickPlayFilms offers a full selection of video production services for corporate video and commercials as well as animation. Thanks to the team’s reach, ClickPlay has been able to shoot clients’ videos on location in places such as China, Italy, Dubai, England and France.

Here is an animated video its team did for UPS:



Control Alt Media

Control Alt Media‘s principal director and cinematographer, Matthew Benjamin, offers an array of video production services, from storyboarding to filming to post-production. “We pride ourselves on creating beautiful moving images through cinematography while telling a compelling story,” his team writes.

Check out this video Control Alt Media did for NYC adventure-curation app Yooka:



Corporate Video Concepts

Jay Zellman is the founder of Corporate Video Concepts, which has offices in New York and LA, and he brings to the table 18-plus years of experience as a creative director. His team has created training, internal communications and marketing videos for companies such as Tiffany & Co., Brooks Brothers and Unilever.

Here is a video the Corporate Video Concepts team did for Brooks Brother’s corporate responsibility efforts:



Guggenheim Production

A company with offices in LA and Miami, too, Guggenheim Productions has been telling visual brand stories since 1994. “We’ve built our company on trusted client partnerships and understanding the intricacies of a brand so we can tailor the message not only to the brand but to the audience,” the team writes.

Check out the “Wishlist” video Guggenheim Productions shot for NBC Universal and Target for the 2013 holiday season:



Hello World Communications

Ron Yoshida founded Hello World Communications in the early-90s as a business that rented out Motorola walkie-talkies. In the ensuing two decades-plus, the company has grown to provide video equipment rental, video production, video streaming and even aerial video services.

You can check out HWC’s demo reel here.

Image Media Lab

Image Media Lab has already shot thousands of video for various corporate clients in just more than five years of operation. The team’s secret to earning so much work? A focus on storytelling.

“People don’t want to buy from companies,” they write. “People want to buy from other people, so that they can strengthen an emotional connection and feel good about the purchase. They want to buy from people with whom they have a real emotional bond. And that means they want to buy from people they know – whose stories they know.”

Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions celebrates its 24th birthday this year by being one of the city’s premier video production companies. The company offers a full range of video services, and counts among its clients household names such as Chase and MTV.

Just take a look at one of the recent videos Indigo did for NYU’s Study Away program:



LightHouse Films

French filmmaker and former dancer Camille De Galbert founded LightHouse Films in 2008 after several years as a cinematographer in the arts, dance and theater worlds. She has since put together a team of passionate filmmakers who have produced video for varied clients such as The Guggenheim Foundation, the Louvre Museum, Patek Philippe and Deutsche Bank.

Check out this piece by Ray Zablocki, one of the directors on their roster:


MultiVision Digital

MultiVision Digital is a video production and video marketing company founded by Robert Weiss, who has more than 14 years of experience in content marketing. “We believe that video production is the most powerful online marketing medium to generate leads because it has the power to communicate WHO you are and thus HOW your company can help your customers,” the team says.

Check out their reel:



New Dawn Films

Boston native Andrew Fitzgerald founded New Dawn Films in 2009 after four years of working as a cinematographer on several TV shows. Within two years, he’d already racked up a handful of awards for his feature films, but New Dawn’s bread and butter is the commercial video it shoots for clients such as Timberland and Mitsubishi.

Check out this branded content video New Dawn shot for Johnson & Johnson:



New York Film Shop

New York Film Shop is a full-service video production company that counts BMW, HBO and American Express among its clients. “We have our finger on the pulse with the latest technologies and equipment enabling us to provide the highest quality film/video content in a streamlined and affordable way,” the team says.

You can check out a recent video New York Film Shop did for BMW’s 2012 Olympics campaigns here.

Robot Fondue

Robot Fondue was actually founded in Austin, Texas, but has since grown to include offices in Nashville and New York. So, it’s got America’s three best music cities covered. And it offers a whole variety of services for digital, film and TV.

“We pride ourselves in representing a team of uncompromisingly passionate film makers, designers, multi-media renaissance men and producing partners with a diversity of experience,” the team writes.

Simba Productions

Simba Productions brings more than 35 years of experience to every project its team takes on. That experience means the team is comfortable working in several industries and with several types of video. Its client list includes British Airways, HBO and Apple.

Check out the video Simba did for children’s language learning app Ananas:



Sinema Films

Sinema Films works with agencies and clients directly to produce video content that is compelling, that entices and that tells a story. “We help brands achieve a unique voice that cuts through the clutter associated with contemporary media,” the team says.

Check out this 30-second spot Sinema Films did for Discipline Boxing:




Snippies leverages its global network of 300-plus video professionals to capture video from anywhere. Over the past decade, this has earned Snippies an impressive client roster, including Google, Amazon and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

You can see example of the work Snippies does here.

Studio Center

Studio Center is headquartered in Virginia but has teams all around the US, including New York. The company offers a wider range of services than video production — it also specializes in voice over work and audio production.

You can see Studio Center’s digital video portfolio here.

True Film Production

The visual storytellers at True Film have worked with both national ad campaigns and local clients over the course of the past decade. No matter the client, True Film’s team brings an eye for quality and a focus on generating revenue for the companies and agencies it works with.

Check out the animated video True Film’s team did for medical company Rejuvenan:



Vérité Productions

Vérité Productions got its name from a style of filmmaking that “seeks truth through observation; a deep look inside a subject, shaped by the learnings taught by the bigger picture.” Companies that have used Vérité’s insightful eye for filmmaking include Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City and the Chelsea Piers complex in Manhattan.

Here is a corporate video the team shot for its client IDSecurityOnline:




The WILD / FACTORY works with everyone from small companies to A-list celebrities to create compelling video. It counts among its clients Cirque Du Soleil, St. Regis Hotels and Home Depot.

You can check out some photos and branded video content TWF did for Caress body wash here.


WPRNY started as a collaboration between an artist and a journalist, both of whom envisioned streaming online video as an important way to get information out to people. “That was in 2008,” the founders write. “Since then, our charming, clean-cut staff has provided quality video services for hundreds of businesses in the Northeast.”

Here is a video WPRNY did for American Ballet Theater’s diversity initiative, Project Plié:



Lead image by:
Philipp Henzler